About Me

I started trading forex in 2006 from the Marketiva platform which was introduced by a friend with the id ‘ JungleLion ‘, my teacher or ‘ sifu ‘ was ‘ Naspiano ‘ a british pianist who married a japanese girl and settled in Japan, he taught me how to trade and the trading setup I use till today was his, its a trend following setup, coz he used to trade on USDJPY on weekly charts. I also joined forexfactory as ‘ forexlion ‘.

During 2006 I had a mixed bag of success and failures, including winning a trading competition which funded my first real account.

In 2007 Jan I think I met Dennis, who worked at fxegypt now known as fxopen and I became an IB for fxegypt, a lot of my friends followed me over to fxegypt, it was and still is one of the best brokers out there, I will always recommend them over any other broker, coz I know how solid their foundation is.

From 2007 till today I had a good run, coz I strictly followed mm principles and traded conservatively.

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